The Canadian Apprenticeship Forum – Forum canadien sur l’apprentissage (CAF-FCA) is a non-profit organization that connects Canada’s apprenticeship community. Participants work collaboratively to support vibrant and innovative apprenticeship systems and policies with a view to developing a highly-skilled, inclusive and mobile skilled trades workforce. Employers, unions, equity-seeking groups, educational institutions and the jurisdictions support CAF-FCA operations through membership.

As a national voice for the apprenticeship community, CAF-FCA influences pan-Canadian apprenticeship strategies through research, discussion and collaboration. Its research agenda provides stakeholders with accurate, unbiased insights into apprenticeship challenges and barriers. The organization also connects stakeholders to share information and promising practices, identify challenges and propose joint solutions. It promotes apprenticeship as a valuable form of post-secondary education to youth, parents and employers, leading to rewarding careers in high-demand occupations.

Since 2000, CAF-FCA has fundamentally changed the conversation about apprenticeship in Canada. Its research illustrates the substantial benefits of hiring and training apprentices. By connecting stakeholders across trades, across sectors and across Canada, CAF-FCA has facilitated collaboration and showcased best practices. Today, apprenticeship is recognized as a post-secondary pathway that allows learners to “earn while they learn” in a work-based setting, developing hands-on skills and experience vital to Canada’s economy.