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Apprenticeship in Canada - Canadian Apprenticeship Forum

Value of CAF-FCA

CAF-FCA has fundamentally changed the conversation about apprenticeship in Canada. With broad stakeholder input, it has provided research insights, facilitated dialogue, profiled promising initiatives and promoted apprenticeship as a valued post-secondary pathway to great careers. By creating opportunities to share successes and address common issues, the value of CAF-FCA contributes to effective local, regional and national solutions.

Groundbreaking Research Insights

Our research provides invaluable insights into apprenticeship barriers, opportunities and outcomes. For example, Return on Training Investment reports challenge conventional thinking about the cost of training and provide stakeholders with effective arguments around the business case for apprenticeship training.

Promotion of Skilled Trades Careers

We promote skilled trades careers to youth, parents and educators. Our website,, developed in collaboration with Skills Canada, attracts thousands of visitors each year. Students and their parents have access to video profiles and information about working as a skilled tradesperson in Canada.

Opportunities to Connect

We host a biennial apprenticeship conference and a number of regional stakeholder events each year. While there are many innovative programs addressing apprenticeship challenges, isolation is an ongoing concern. Sharing resources, research and promising practices provides the apprenticeship community with opportunities to connect and learn from one another.

Keeping Your Finger on the Pulse

We want to ensure members have insight into apprenticeship issues, challenges and practices across the country and around the world. We distribute a monthly Member-only eNewsletter to share information about reports, resources and tools.

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