Christian Labour Association of Canada

The Christian Labour Association of Canada (CLAC) is a government-certified, independent Canadian labour union founded on the European model of Christian unions, which applies principles of social justice to labour relations and the workplace.

CLAC’s approach stresses membership advocacy, cooperation, and the long-term interests of the workplace community while striving to balance individual and collective rights. It represents over 50,000 workers in a wide range of industry sectors including construction, healthcare, retail, service, transportation, mining, and manufacturing.

CLAC provides training support for its members to upgrade or keep their skills current. Courses help keep members up-to-date on applicable provincial requirements and codes and provide them with job-specific training, such as scaffolding, traffic control, hoisting and rigging, swing stage operations, welding, and more.

CLAC operates training centres in Alberta, British Columbia, Manitoba, Ontario, and Saskatchewan. These centres are funded through collective agreements and managed by training committees, which are responsible for developing training programs in each centre.

CLAC works closely with training and apprenticeship programs and authorities in each province, as well as in cooperation with community colleges and training organizations. By working together, we ensure that workers entering the construction trades acquire and develop the skills and knowledge they need for tomorrow’s projects.

CLAC offers extensive financial support to apprentices across the country. Over the past ten years, CLAC has awarded over $2.5 million in tuition reimbursements and scholarships.

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