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CAF-FCA publishes two electronic newsletters per month. Apprenticeship Intelligence, a member-only publication, keeps our members informed about CAF-FCA’s projects, research and activities. Apprenticeship News is available to the apprenticeship community at large — reaching more 6,000 stakeholders with updates from across Canada and around the world.

Latest News

Apprentices in Canada ePanel

As an apprentice, you work in a rapidly changing, technology-intensive environment. You face the competing pressures of employment and technical training, and the need to excel in both to complete your apprenticeship. You might not realize there’s a community of stakeholders behind you. Made up of employers, unions, educators, regulators and many others, the apprenticeship… Read more »

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Is Leadership the Key to Diversity in the Trades?

To display their commitment to workplace diversity, UA Canada has created the new position of National Manager of Youth, Diversity and Indigenous Relations for the organization.

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Business Case for Apprenticeship

The World Economic Forum suggests an investment in apprenticeship and work-based training programs could address the arrival of artificial intelligence in the workplace.

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Women in Energy

Are you a women employed in the trades or STEM within the energy sector in Ontario?  Women in Energy is interested in speaking to women from entry-level to upper-management career levels, to gain a better understanding of their experiences in the workplace. If you are interested in participating, contact Fran Rawlings at fran.rawlings@ontario.ca and use the subject line “Women in… Read more »

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CAF-FCA hosts in-person and virtual events designed to give the apprenticeship community opportunities to share best practices and collaborate to address common challenges. Regional roundtables occur across the country, bringing local stakeholders together to discuss various topics, learn from apprenticeship research and discover new resources. Interactive online events provide one-hour sessions to showcase promising initiatives and programs from every corner of Canada. Every two years, CAF-FCA organizes a national conference, bringing together more than 500 apprenticeship stakeholders to share ideas and discuss ways to enhance Canada’s apprenticeship systems.


Webinar – The Canada Apprentice Loan

February 21, 2018   •  1:00pm ESTONLINE

The Canada Apprentice Loan provides up to $4,000 per period of technical training to apprentices attending block release technical training in Red Seal trades.  As the second full year of program implementation comes to an end, learn about how the loan program is being used across the country and discuss opportunities to ensure apprentices are… Read more »

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Webinar – Costs & Benefits of Block-Release Training

March 21, 2018   •  1:00pm ESTONLINE

In a recent survey of the Apprentices in Canada ePanel, 548 apprentices reflected on the costs and benefits of block-release technical training. At this webinar, we’ll share key findings about the learning environment and the costs apprentices incur to attend training.

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2018 National Apprenticeship Conference

June 10, 2018
June 12, 2018Montréal, QC

This popular biennial event attracts more than 500 apprenticeship stakeholders to sessions that highlight promising practices and innovative solutions related to apprenticeship training. Delegates attend to: • Gather insights into innovative projects, initiatives and partnerships that stand to increase participation in apprenticeship training, particularly among under-represented groups • Engage in collaborative solutions to address common… Read more »

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