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Apprenticeship in Canada - Canadian Apprenticeship Forum

Greater mobility has many benefits, enabling apprentices to continue their training where work is available and giving employers greater access to a skilled workforce.  For those entering Canada with experience in a skilled trade, the same principles support effective integration into the Canadian labour market.  Awareness of processes and expectations will ensure the easiest possible transition.

To use this tool, answer the few simple questions below.  By identifying the place of origin and destination, you will be routed to information about the regulatory processes in each.  We’ve also included links to help with your move.  We urge both apprentices and employers to read this information carefully to ensure apprenticeship registration is not jeopardized, as each province/territory has slightly different requirements.

The information on this site has been sourced from jurisdictional apprenticeship authorities, with emphasis on their mobility policies and practices.  As the apprenticeship systems across Canada continue to evolve, updates will be made.

01 Do you live in Canada?

02 Where are you/your apprentice moving from?

03 In what jurisdiction will you/your apprentice be working?

04 In what sector do you/your apprentice work?

01 In which Canadian province is your business registered?

02 From which province is your apprentice relocating?

03 Which sector do you currently work in?

04 Is your apprentice relocating permanently or temporarily to complete their apprenticeship training hours?

05 Has your apprentice completed any hours of their apprenticeship?

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