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Apprenticeship in Canada - Canadian Apprenticeship Forum

ES Workshop outline


Getting the word out about skilled trades careers and apprenticeship is one of CAF-FCA’s priorities. One of the most frequent requests we receive from school officials is to come do a presentation on apprenticeship.

To help spread the word, we’ve developed several presentations. These are available for your own use, or you can invite a CAF-FCA representative to come present on your behalf to a wide range of audiences, including school board representatives, educators, parents and youth.

Presentation for Parents
Presentation for Educators
Presentation for Youth

Contact us to arrange a school visit.


CAF-FCA recognizes the need to reach out to teachers, guidance and career counsellors who are helping young people and other job seekers find a career path into the trades. One of the ways we do this is through professional development workshops that provide extensive resources and answer the questions often asked by educators and counsellors.

Apprenticeship and Essential Skills Workshop

A lack of essential skills was identified as one of the greatest barriers to completing an apprenticeship. To help educators and youth identify and address essential skills gaps, we’ve gathered tools specific to the skilled trades. In this workshop, we provide an overview of essential skills and an analysis of available tools, combining learning with practical exercises. For more information, check out the ES Workshop outline

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