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Essential Skills Tools

If an apprentice is unable to successfully complete training, obtain certification, or perform effectively on the job, workplace safety and productivity is impacted. Essential Skills deficits have been identified as one of the obstacles to apprenticeship success, leading to the development of a series of webinars for employers, as well as a guide for setting up an essential Skills and trades program.


Webinar: The Business Case for Essential Skills in the Skilled Trades.

Webinar 1: What are Essential Skills? Find out more about what they affect in work and daily life.

Webinar 2: Discover some basic and easy to deliver Essential Skills assessment tools, to help you plan an effective strategy.

Webinar 3: A few training activities will help you implement your Essential Skills training plan, and help you gauge the results and progress.

Webinar 4: Step-by-step implementation tips and tools to provide the learner with the support they need.

Find more tools and resources from other organizations in our Topics in Apprenticeship: Essential Skills section.

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