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Hiring an Apprentice

More than 1,000 skilled trades employers across Canada tell us there is a strong business case for hiring apprentices. Small, medium and large businesses in every region of the country report an average return of $1.47 for every dollar they spend on apprenticeship training, including wages, journeyperson time, materials and administration. Even better, they report better health and safety records, an easier time recruiting and better retention of their tradespeople. Journeypersons acting as workplace mentors say teaching an apprentice the skills of their trade is a career highlight.

Skilled trades employers considering whether to hire an apprentice should be aware of the five easy steps to integrating an apprentice into their workplace.

STEP 1 Hire

STEP 1 <span>Hire</span>
  • Ensure you have a safe and harassment-free workplace
  • Recruit an apprentice using your normal hiring processes
  • Pay the apprentice in accordance with jurisdictional policy

STEP 2 Register

STEP 2 <span>Register</span>
  • Connect with the apprenticeship authority in your region to determine registration process
  • Complete paperwork or online registration forms with your apprentice
  • Ensure required supporting documents are attached and forms are signed
  • Apply for employer tax credits and grants; encourage apprentice to apply for available grants and loans

STEP 3 Assign

a Mentor

STEP 3 <span>Assign
<br>a Mentor</span>
  • Identify a mentor with capacity and willingness to share knowledge, skills and business intelligence
  • Familiarize mentor with skills required in the apprenticeship training program
  • Help mentor identify apprentice strengths, weaknesses and opportunities for improvement
  • Consider putting a training plan in place to keep everyone on track

STEP 4 Document

STEP 4 <span>Document<br>Training</span>
  • Document progress in accordance with apprenticeship authority regulations
  • Provide opportunities to do a variety of tasks and complete safety training
  • Update and review documents with mentor and apprentice on a regular basis
  • Release apprentice to attend trade school when the opportunity arises

STEP 5 Support

STEP 5 <span>Support<br>Certification</span>
  • Encourage progression and provide incentives, such as wage increases
  • Facilitate upgrading or provide other supports, if required
  • When your apprentice has completed hours and training for their trade, encourage them to write the exam
  • Ensure certification paperwork is completed

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