Moving to New Brunswick from Abroad

Moving to New Brunswick from Abroad

A trade qualifier is someone who has trades experience (in Canada or abroad) or certification from another country.  Trade qualifiers may challenge the certification exam in their trade to become a certified tradesperson in Canada.  Instructions about how to do this in New Brunswick follow:

Documentation Requirements for Trade Qualifiers

  • A Grade 12 or equivalent is not required for the Trade Qualifier application.


  • There are industry-approved minimum time requirements for each trade. The required number of hours is indicated on the Board Order for your trade.

Work Experience

  • Review the Apprenticeship Training Standard for your trade. Compare your skills to those identified for the trade. These are the skills you will be tested on during the certification exam.
  • Required practical skills are indicated on the applicable Board Order.

Employer Letter

  • Your employer(s) must complete an Employer Confirmation form.

Translation of Documents

  • Documents are accepted in French or English.       If documents must be translated, a professional translator approved by the department must be used.

Submit Application

  • Meet with an Apprenticeship & Occupational Certification counsellor at a regional office to pick up the application package.
  • Once your application is completed, ensure it is signed and accompanied by all necessary documentation. A $100 application assessment fee is payable.
  • Submit the completed application in person or by mail to a regional apprenticeship office

Write and Pass Examination

  • If your application is approved, you will have the opportunity to write a multiple choice exam. You must make an appointment to write the exam with the regional apprenticeship office and pay a $250 examination fee.
  • A pass mark of 70% or higher is required to obtain a Certificate of Qualification

Certificate of Qualification

  • Once you earn your Certificate of Qualification, you can legally work in a compulsory trade. Certification is not required for voluntary trades.

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