Webinar – Improving Student well-being in Canada

Post-secondary students in Canada face a myriad of sources of stress that can impact their mental health. In fact, 46% of students told the 2016 National College Health Assessment (Canadian Reference Group) they were so depressed in the previous year it was difficult to function, and 65% reported feeling overwhelming anxiety. The Mental Health Commission of Canada (MHCC) is collaborating with CSA Group (standards development organization) to lead the development of a new voluntary Standard on Psychological Health and Safety for post-secondary students (PSS Standard) to help post-secondary institutions support and promote optimal mental health and wellbeing for students. The first version of the PSS Standard is expected in spring 2020. Join Polly Leonard, Program Manager, MHCC, and CSA Technical Committee Member, to learn more about what to expect from the PSS Standard, details about its development and how it is poised to assist post-secondary institutions in working from a shared framework for mental health to improve student wellbeing and success.