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ArcelorMittal Dofasco

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ArcelorMittal Dofasco is Canada’s leading steel producer and a hallmark of advanced manufacturing in North America. Headquartered in Hamilton, Ontario, and founded in 1912, ArcelorMittal Dofasco is Canada’s largest producer of flat carbon steel. The company’s more than 5,400 employees are dedicated to being world class as they strive to transform tomorrow with lighter, stronger and more sustainable steel. ArcelorMittal Dofasco plays a key role in North America’s advanced manufacturing supply chain working with the top automotive, energy, packaging and construction brands to develop lighter, stronger and more sustainable products – from cans to cars.

The company core belief is “Our strength is people.” Steel is a highly engineered product that requires strong people to drive intensive R&D to envision and develop increasingly advanced grades of steel, and to manage, operate and maintain the sophisticated automated systems required to make that steel.

The company boasts one of Canada’s largest apprenticeship programs, operated in conjunction with Hamilton’s Mohawk College. More than 2000 apprentices have graduated from the program through the company’s onsite training centre and the Mohawk training facility. In fact, the majority of the company’s maintenance leaders are graduates of its own apprenticeship program. ArcelorMittal Dofasco is a leader in ensuring the sustainability of apprenticeship training and the development of Canada’s skilled employees. Dofasco is committed to working collaboratively with aligned goals and objectives and one strong voice to ensure a pipeline of apprentices and a robust educational system in which to train them. ArcelorMittal Dofasco marked investing in people as one of the pillars of their corporate responsibility strategy. They treat people of all levels with respect and dignity, and help them to develop their careers. They offer company-specific training programs and courses at ArcelorMittal University. The company supports lifelong learning and believes that by keeping their workforce on the cutting edge can they stay at the top of their business.

ArcelorMittal Dofasco fosters a sense of internal community which feeds into the general community. Part of their sustainability plan is to help the communities in which they operate. In 2015, ArcelorMittal Dofasco invested $1.6 million into 49 projects that are making a local impact. As well, these investments are enhanced by a company volunteer group called Team Orange that fosters camaraderie and team building, while providing community organizations with the benefits from ArcelorMittal’s greatest asset – its people and the passion and expertise that they bring to everything they do.

Clark Builders

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Clark Builders is one of the top ten general contractors in Canada and part of the largest construction organization in North America, serving industrial, commercial and institutional market sectors. Through an ownership structure comprised of employees and their partner, Turner Construction Company, they strive to maintain the culture of a small company with the distinct capabilities of an international firm. Their projects cover a wide range, from building on the edge of the Arctic Circle to operating plant sites, developing entire new neighbourhoods to putting new structures in downtown cores.

Clark Builders has been voted as one of Canada’s Best Employers for seven consecutive years. They take pride in both their workforce and their projects. They look at the talents, aspirations and unique skills of individuals to form a creative and diverse workplace. They attribute their success to innovation, collaboration and a true entrepreneurial spirit, and seek to hire within those parameters. They’re proud of their team, which stands firm on its reputation. They view employing their own team, as a great way to minimize risk and increase quality. They deliver services from conception to final product, and so require a full-range of skills and talent.

Clark Builders has its own training centres and health and safety program, to ensure their workforce is prepared to safely handle every job requirement. Safety is a top priority, regular certification is required. Apprentices are welcomed, since Clark Builders sees it as a solid strategy for continued growth and retaining the right workforce.

Character is as important as skill for success at Clark Builders. They’re looking for apprentices who are in it for the long-haul. They’ll invest in apprentice success and want to see apprentices who are as ambitious. Apprentices and all Clark Builders employees continuously strive to perfect their skills and believe that there’s always room for improvement. Respect for others, both co-workers and clients, is a must, as is the ability to work well in a team.

Clark Builders has a list of core values that are worth checking out: They have their own job engine here:

Linamar Corporation

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Linamar Corporation (TSX:LNR) is a diversified global manufacturing company of highly engineered products powering vehicles, motion, work and lives. The company is made up of two operating segments – the Powertrain/Driveline segment and the Industrial segment, which are further divided into four operating groups – Machining & Assembly, Light Metal Casting, Forging and Skyjack, all world leaders in the design, development and production of highly engineered products. The company’s Machining and Assembly, Casting and Forging operating groups focus on precision metallic components, modules and systems for engine, transmission, driveline and body systems designed for global vehicle and industrial markets. The Company’s Skyjack operating group is noted for its innovative, high quality mobile industrial equipment, notably its class-leading aerial work platforms and telehandlers. With more than 23,000 employees in 56 manufacturing locations, 6 R&D centers and 15 sales offices in 17 countries in North and South America, Europe and Asia, Linamar generated sales of $5.2 billion in 2015.

Linamar’s work environment is both fulfilling and demanding. The company’s entrepreneurial roots are still reflected in its dynamic and quick moving environment, and its global outreach is maintained by consistently manufacturing quality products. Ambition to succeed and a passion for quality are important in Linamar employees, as well as great teamwork and communication skills. Linamar is a global company that prides itself in offering great opportunities to its employees.

Linamar believes in helping their employees achieve their goals. Instead of always hiring management from outside sources, they target a 70% internal promotion rate. Linamar strives to create a culture in which people can flourish, seeing it as essential to truly maximizing potential. The company offers a variety of skills upgrading programs, with two main streams focusing on leadership skills and technical skills. Their technical program focuses on precision machining, with important investments in technical training and apprenticeships to ensure the company has the right skills to meet future business needs. They also offer a variety of programs and experiences that support the personal growth and development of employees. Through leadership training and development opportunities, Linamar supports employees in moving in the direction they want to go, helping them drive the results necessary for their success and the company’s.

Linamar sees employees not just as workers, but also as long-term assets. Passion for the work is important, and a career path that Linamar can support over the long-term is definitely welcomed. A passion to learn and interest in continuous personal growth are vital.

Learn more at Current opportunities at the company are listed here:

RJW–Gem Campbell Stonemasons Inc.

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RJW–Gem Campbell Stonemasons Inc., two companies merged into one, is a one-stop shop for masonry-related products and services. RJW Stonemasons’ services include heritage masonry restoration, new stone construction, stonecutting and stone carving, which compliment Gem Campbell’s expertise in exterior stone veneer and stone manufacturing. With over 75 years of combined company experience, extensive capital machinery and equipment, geographic coverage, and field and management expertise, they are well positioned to serve a wide range of public and private sector clients throughout North America. Their specialty is the heritage restoration of significant public buildings, like the Parliament of Canada’s West Block.

Stonemasons come from all walks of life at RJW-Gem Campbell Stonemasons. In new hires, they look for enthusiasm for the trade and for working with their hands. Often, their hirees have an artistic background, ranging from visual arts to music, although that’s certainly not a necessity. A willingness to learn and improve, as well as a good attention to details, are all a definite plus. The patience and ability to see a vision come to life, one stone at a time, are necessities in this trade.

The company hires apprentices, welcoming new labourers into their ranks without prior stonemasonry experience. Their new hires come from a multitude of backgrounds, from mall security to arts to other trades. They’re supportive of apprentice learning, encourage mentorship and are very familiar with the apprenticeship system. RJW–Gem Campbell Stonemasons Inc. takes pride in both its work and its workforce.

Enthusiasm for the trade and the work is a must. Workers sometimes spend months to years together on a jobsite, so personality fit is important. Teamwork and a positive attitude are definite assets. The ability to visualize how the work will come together to create the final product will help you to be successful, since successful masonry relies on well executed visions and plans.

Masonry is frequently outdoors work, and your work will be out there for everyone to see. Seeking pride in your accomplishments is important to well completing the task. Stonemasonry in Canada is a small world, and RJW-GEM Campbell Stonemasons Inc. is a well connected company. Be sure to make a good impression! Check out these video put together by RJW-Campbell: And this podcast with the President, Bobby Watt: Their website is full of pictures and extra information:

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