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These organizations provide information, networking and mentoring opportunities, typically for a specific sector or trade.


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Aboriginal Employee Network Syncrude

Established in 2013 to serve as a primary source of feedback about how well Syncrude is delivering on its commitments to First Nations and Métis communities. The group raises awareness of Aboriginal culture at Syncrude through an Aboriginal Awareness Day.

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Aboriginal Skilled Workers Association

One of the goals of the association is to work with existing training centers to develop journeypersons and increase certification levels.

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BC Centre for Women in the Trades.

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British Columbia Women in Energy Network

A non-profit society dedicated to supporting women in the BC energy sector. Activities include industry sessions, workshops and keynote speaker events.

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Calgary Construction Association

The Women in Construction committee raises awareness and promotes women working in construction. They offer support to women employed in or exploring construction careers by offering mentorship and networking events.

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Calgary Women in Energy

A membership-based society that promotes, supports and empowers women in the energy sector. The organization hosts industry networking sessions, skills-building sessions and events to support community organizations.

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Canadian Association of Women in Construction

Facilitates the success of women in Canada’s construction-related fields by offering a variety of programs and services.

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FRONT – Femmes Regroupees en Option Non Traditionnelles

A networking platform for women working in non-traditional areas. Members have access to mentoring, online forums, information and employment resources, CV samples and information about skilled trades and other non-traditional occupations.

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Office to Advance Women Apprentices

Increases employment opportunities for females in the skilled trades by helping employers access a Targeted Wage Subsidy. The organization has a large registry of female apprentices who have completed their training, a Mentorship Program connecting women working in the trades with those interested and offers diversity scholarships.

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Prairie Arctic Regional Council’s Sisters of the Brotherhood Women’s Committee, United Brotherhood of Carpenters and Joiners of America

Supports female members by providing assistance obtaining craft training and leadership skills, advocating for women’s issues and mentoring members.

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Sisters in the Trades (linked to trade unions in the Greater Toronto area)

Facilitates professional development in construction and building trades, offering opportunities to discuss issues that affect women on job sites.

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The Alberta Regional Council of Carpenters and Allied Workers Sisters in Brotherhood Women’s Committee, United Brotherhood of Carpenters

This Committee nurtures the involvement and participation of female workers, develops initiatives to recruit and retain more women and provides support and guidance for sister members.

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Women in Mining BC

A networking organization that connects professionals and students involved in or affiliated with mining and mineral exploration. The organization hosts networking lunches, receptions and learning events.

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Women in Mining Canada

In collaboration with Canadian Women in Mining Canada branches, this organization supports grassroots initiatives for personal and professional development and provides a national voice within the global mining community.

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Women in Mining, Manitoba Branch

Provides a mentoring network and connects members with qualified workers. Connects professionals and students involved in mineral exploration and mining, and develops tools and programs that facilitate the increased attraction, retention and advancement of women. Shares best practices, sponsors seminars and hosts speaker forums.

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Women in Mining, Northern Ontario

A non-profit striving to create awareness and provide mentoring and networking for women in the mining and mineral exploration fields. The organization offers professional development and provides information on job opportunities and events.

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Women in Mining, Toronto

Provides networking opportunities for women in the mining industry.

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Women in Resource Development Corporation

A non-profit organization committed to increasing women’s participation in trades and technology. With private and public funding, the organization offers programs and services to address the attraction, recruitment, retention, and advancement of women in these sectors.

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Women Unlimited

A non-profit organization that promotes the participation of women in trades and technology. The organization works with industry, governments, educational institutions and the community to address the systemic barriers that limit the participation of diverse women in these fields.

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Women’s Network PEI

A not-for-profit organization that works to strengthen and support PEI women and improve the status of women in our society.

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Yukon Women in Mining

The organization works with Yukon mineral exploration and mining industry representatives to develop toolkits, events and activities, facilitating attraction, retention and advancement of women in the mining sector.

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Yukon Women in Trades and Technology

An education and advocacy organization dedicated to promoting and assisting in the recruitment, training and retention of women in the trades and technology sectors. It hosts an annual conference and school-based workshops for young women.

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