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Hiring apprentices helps you grow your own talent, shaping their skills and knowledge to meet your business requirements. The apprentices you train today will become your core workforce and your company’s future managers and leaders. Even when the economy slows and there is somewhat less intense pressure on skilled trades labour, virtually every sector survey continues to report difficulties when it comes to filling positions for skilled tradespeople. While economic cycles are a reality, so is Canada’s need for people who can build, install, maintain and service.

Why Hire Apprentices

If apprenticeship is something your company wants to explore, take some time to learn tips and strategies from experienced employers!

Finding the Right Apprentice

If you’re like many small employers, you may have thought about hiring an apprentice but never actually got to the starting gate.  If that’s the case, here are some suggestions that other small employers have found helpful.


Rather than waiting for prospective apprentices to approach you about a job, there are a number of ways employers can connect with prospective apprentices.

Mentoring & Retention

Every apprentice needs a tradesperson to teach them. By ensuring apprentices have a variety of opportunities to learn, they become loyal employees.

Financial Incentives

There are a number of financial supports and incentives for skilled trades employers who hire and train apprentices. Find out if your business qualifies!

Ask an Expert

Have apprenticeship questions or challenges? Let us connect you with the answers you need.

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CAF-FCA is a community of apprenticeship stakeholders who are committed to apprentice success.

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Five Reasons to Hire an Apprentice

View our brief video outlining the five reasons every employer should consider hiring an apprentice!

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