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Apprenticeship Advantage

Canadian Apprenticeship Forum research indicates that apprentices give employers real advantages in today’s labour market. For the past twenty years, CAF-FCA has surveyed thousands of Canadian employers and learned the top advantages of investing in apprenticeship.

Grow Your Own Talent

Hiring apprentices helps you grow your own talent. Apprentices gain skills and knowledge helping you meet your business requirements. The apprentices you train today will become your core workforce and your company’s future managers and leaders.

Recruiting Apprentices

Developing and training exceptional journeypersons starts with effective apprentice recruitment and orientation practices. Having an overall strategy and vision for your apprenticeship training
program is crucial.

Hiring Apprentices

By investing in apprentices, you’re investing in your company and ensuring knowledge transfer to your future workforce. Through apprenticeship, you’ll find top candidates who are motivated, skilled and eager to learn.

Retaining Apprentices

Mentorship and taking the time to teach apprentices is key to
retaining them.

Employer Best Practices

Employers from different sectors, trades and geographic regions agree maximizing the benefits from apprenticeship training programs requires high-quality workplace training

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