Top Employer

The National Apprenticeship Awards – Top Employer provides formal recognition to one exceptional employer for their commitment to apprenticeship training in Canada. The recipient will be awarded a complimentary one-year Champion Membership with CAF-FCA and a delegate pass to the 2026 National Apprenticeship Conference in Whistler, BC.

Nomination information

Employers can apply for consideration or be nominated by CAF-FCA member in good standing.

Award criteria

A nominee for Top Employer must show a commitment to apprenticeship training demonstrated by:

  • a history of training apprentices
  • a record of hiring new level 1 and 2 apprentices and retaining them throughout their apprenticeship
  • inclusivity and diversity program to attract and retain apprentices from equity-priority groups (i.e., women, Indigenous peoples, people with disabilities and more)
  • promotion of apprenticeship training and careers in the skilled trades (i.e., participation at high school career fairs, employment training programs and more)
  • participation in local, regional, or national events and/or committees related to apprenticeship

The 2024 Top Employer will be announced at the 2024 National Apprenticeship Conference, June 2-4 in Calgary, Alberta, by the Chairperson of the CAF-FCA Board of Directors. The recipient will receive recognition and profile through CAF-FCA social media and communication channels and be presented with a plaque to be displayed at their workplace.

Recipient selection

National Apprenticeship Awards – Top Employer nominations will be reviewed by the CAF-FCA Outreach Committee, and the Board of Directors will affirm the recommendation.

Nominations close March 1st, 2024 at 11:59pm ET.

Nomination form