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Apprenticeship in Canada - Canadian Apprenticeship Forum

Employer Engagement

Ensuring Canada has the necessary skilled trades capacity is critical, especially considering that economic opportunity lies in sectors that heavily rely on skilled tradespeople. Apprenticeship is a proven way to train and to develop skilled workers, but many employers do not hire apprentices. Rates of participation remain at 19% based on CAF-FCA surveys.

Employers can be skeptical about taking on apprentice due to concerns about cost, paperwork, and poaching. Other employers perceive that apprentices are not applying to their organizations and they don’t know where to find apprentices. The employers that do successfully hire apprentices know that if you are willing to put some effort into setting up an effective program, the benefits of hiring apprentices are enormous, including greater productivity at the workplace. These employers believe the entire skill level of the workforce and the quality of work within a sector will improve substantially if more employers hire and train apprentices.

To help create awareness of the benefits of hiring apprentices, CAF-FCA offers tools and resources, as well as an employer eNewsletter. If you know of other resources and best practices, please share them.

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