This Committee provides oversight of research projects and initiatives being undertaken by CAF-FCA. The committee identifies research priorities and determines which projects require separate working groups, within which the committee will seek to engage stakeholders from outside the CAF-FCA membership where appropriate. The Research Committee will provide rigorous oversight of research findings and reports, ensuring that CAF-FCA research adheres to high standards and the research policies approved by the Board of Directors.

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This Committee provides oversight of projects and initiatives related to events, workshops and outreach platforms. The committee identifies priorities related to CAF-FCA’s mandate for facilitating discussion among stakeholders and sharing best practices.

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Diversity, Equity and Inclusion

This committee provides an oversight of CAF-FCA activities through a lens which ensures equity, diversity, justice and inclusion in projects, events, and stakeholder engagement activities. It provides a forum for consultation, feedback and discussion on matters of equity, diversity, justice and inclusion as they relate to apprenticeship and more broadly in the skilled trades.

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