Immigrant Parent Attitudes towards Careers in the Skilled Trades

In partnership with the Canadian Council of Directors of Apprenticeship (CCDA) and Employment and Social Development Canada, CAF-FCA undertook a study to gauge the views of immigrant parents on skilled trades careers.  Findings show that although the majority of immigrant parents said they would recommend careers in the skilled trades to their children, university was their preferred post-secondary pathway.  Almost half of the immigrant parents surveyed agreed that careers in the skilled trades were physically demanding, “dead-end” and low-paying.  Immigrant parents’ views differed when it came to women in the trades.  Although survey respondents believed men rather than women were better suited towards careers in the skilled trades, most interviewees thought men and women were equally capable of excelling in skilled trades careers.  Interviewees also said that girls should have the same opportunities as boys to learn about the skilled trades at school.  To help their children make career decisions, immigrant parents would like more information about Canada’s apprenticeship systems, incomes, career pathways and available financial assistance.  They thought connecting youth to available jobs through a matching service would also be helpful.

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