CAF-FCA is a national, non-profit organization that conducts research in areas important to the apprenticeship community.  Apprentice wellbeing and safety is one such topic.  CAF-FCA obtained funding from Health Canada to implement a national communications strategy to help apprentices reduce or manage substance use.  The strategy will include e-learning modules, infographics, and social media.

Prior to implementing the strategy, CAF-FCA gathered input from pre-apprentices, apprentices and tradespeople about their experiences and needed supports.  This information will make sure our messages are tailored and relevant to the apprentices we are trying to reach with our communications.

CAF-FCA is currently surveying and interviewing apprentices and tradespeople. Employers and union representatives are also being interviewed.  If you would like to participate in a survey or interview, please contact Emily Arrowsmith at

This study was approved by the Health Canada Research Ethics Board.