CAF-FCA research addresses the needs, interests and priorities of the apprenticeship community, providing insights that inform the programs, policies and practices of Canadian apprenticeship stakeholders.

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The objectives of this study are to better understand apprentice and tradespeople’s lived experience and the supports that they need in relation to substance use,...

Recent studies conducted by CAF-FCA have quantified the return on investment for training apprentices.

Employers who invest a dollar in training an apprentice can expect to receive a return ranging from $1.02 to $1.91, depending on the trades.

Don’t believe the myths about hiring apprentices! It pays to hire an apprentice!

Both employers and potential apprentices have access to valuable resources for job creation, training, and connecting with each other.

This report presents findings from the Return on Training Investment (ROTI) study for trades in British Columbia. The goal of this study was to assess...

This guide is designed to help employers hire and train apprentices.

This report was completed for CAF-FCA’s Future Skills Centre Project, Best Practice Models for Industry Engagement. The report includes findings from a literature review and...