The Canadian Apprenticeship Forum (CAF-FCA) and its partners – the Canadian Construction Association, Aboriginal Apprenticeship Board,, BuildForce Canada and SkillPlan launched their Canadian Apprenticeship Service program are distributing grants to employers who hire Level one apprentices. To support apprentice employment, the federal government’s Apprenticeship Service is encouraging small- and medium-sized employers to hire Level 1 apprentices by offering $5,000 grants. Employers may receive $10,000 if they hire a Level 1 apprentice from an equity-deserving group.

Through research and extensive consultations with industry, CAF-FCA and its partners understand training best practices and have created a model shaped to meet employer needs, increasing the chances of successful program implementation. Employers will be provided an incentive for hiring an apprentice, training related to mentoring, inclusion and essential skills will also be available providing much needed supports to SMEs who do not have HR staff. International research indicates these types of supports, while accompanied by financial incentives, facilitates meaningful workplace attachment. CAF-FCA and its partners are providing these additional supports to employers at no cost through their Canadian Apprenticeship Service. is an online tool that matches employers and prospective apprentices helping employers connect to those interested in pursuing careers in the trades. The Aboriginal Apprenticeship Board connects employers to job-ready Indigenous candidates. Workplace mentorship and respectful workplace courses are offered by BuildForce Canada – which supports the construction industry with labour market information, tools and resources – and SkillPlan, a nationally recognized leader in workforce development programming.

For more information on CAF-FCA’s Apprenticeship Service, visit or contact the CAS Program Manager at: