CAF-FCA research addresses the needs, interests and priorities of the apprenticeship community, providing insights that inform the programs, policies and practices of Canadian apprenticeship stakeholders.

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A survey with skilled trades employers yielded insights on hiring, training and the value employers attach to apprenticeship and certification.

Qualifications-based labour market information provides new insights about the demand for apprentices and training gaps.

Employers who hire women in trades point to benefits that make it worth challenging traditional thinking about gender and the workplace.

Highlights of the Canadian Apprenticeship Forum’s work over the last year.

Journeypersons shed new light on career progression in the trades, pointing to good pay, interesting work, full-time employment and job satisfaction as career benefits.

Event participants learned about youth programs across Canada and initiatives designed to help youth transition to skilled trades careers.

This research explores the value of literacy and essential skills for workers and better quantifies the benefits of training.

Skilled trades employers attribute increased bill-out and work rates, customer retention and new process innovation to Essential Skills training in the workplace.