CAF-FCA research addresses the needs, interests and priorities of the apprenticeship community, providing insights that inform the programs, policies and practices of Canadian apprenticeship stakeholders.

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Highlights of the Canadian Apprenticeship Forum’s work over the last year.

High School to Apprenticeship Transition: Identifying and Sharing Best Practices

When this research was completed, the use of temporary foreign workers was not found to have had a significant impact on apprenticeship training.

National Apprenticeship Survey data analysis and apprentice perspectives on challenges and solutions are shared.

Countering the concern that apprenticeship training is a considerable cost to employers, this report analyzes the costs and benefits of training.

If persons with disabilities receive training and supports, they can make a valuable contribution to Canada’s skilled trades workplaces.

Many Canadian employers are unaware of how apprenticeship training can improve their bottom line. Engaged employers discussed how to spread the word.

Stakeholders share their thoughts on the state of apprenticeship in Canada, as well as the challenges brought by technological change and an aging workforce.