Research Projects

Over the past 20 years, CAF-FCA has undertaken a broad range of research projects that align with both national and regional areas of interest, including completion rates, barriers to apprenticeship training, employer engagement, the impact of technology, return on training investment, and youth/parent perceptions of careers in the skilled trades.

Our approach includes national and regional data analysis, with capacity to conduct surveys, interviews and focus groups that put statistics into context with input from apprenticeship stakeholders. This approach results in a richer understanding of the issues at hand, combined with practical recommendations and next steps. The ability to engage the broader apprenticeship community on working groups and as advisors ensures buy-in at every stage of a project.

Though some stakeholders have their own research capacity, CAF-FCA can supplement your internal resources by conducting interviews and surveys on topics such as:

  • HR challenges
  • Skills shortages
  • Costs and benefits of apprenticeship
  • Labour market information analysis

If there are other areas we can support your work, please contact

Research for hire

CAF-FCA is a national, not-for-profit organization working with apprenticeship stakeholders in all regions of Canada. The organization influences pan-Canadian apprenticeship strategies through research, discussion and collaboration – sharing insights across trades, across sectors and across the country – to promote apprenticeship as an effective model for training and education. The organization’s Board of Directors is comprised of representatives of business, labour, the jurisdictional apprenticeship authorities, education and equity-seeking groups.

Employer Resources

We have developed several employer-specific resources that can be accessed for distribution in your networks. Our resource kit includes an introduction to Apprenticeship Training, an Employer Handbook to share the business case for apprenticeship training as well as employer insights, and a series of worksheets designed to help employers think through the creation of their own program.