Across Canada, there are organizations that provide networking and mentoring opportunities to apprentices. These organizations provide information, networking and mentoring opportunities, typically for a specific sector or trade.

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Aboriginal Employee Network Syncrude

Established in 2013 to serve as a primary source of feedback about how well Syncrude is delivering on its commitments to First Nations and Métis communities. The group raises awareness of Aboriginal culture at Syncrude through an Aboriginal Awareness Day.

Aboriginal Skilled Workers Association

One of the goals of the association is to work with existing training centers to develop journeypersons and increase certification levels.


BC Centre for Women in the Trades.

British Columbia Women in Energy Network

A non-profit society dedicated to supporting women in the BC energy sector. Activities include industry sessions, workshops and keynote speaker events.

Build a Dream

Programs offering hands-on learning opportunities, give exposure to new career pathways, and introduce young women to female role models.

Build Together

Workforce development.

Calgary Construction Association

The Women in Construction committee raises awareness and promotes women working in construction. They offer support to women employed in or exploring construction careers by offering mentorship and networking events.

Calgary Women in Energy

A membership-based society that promotes, supports and empowers women in the energy sector. The organization hosts industry networking sessions, skills-building sessions and events to support community organizations.

Canadian Association of Women in Construction

Facilitates the success of women in Canada’s construction-related fields by offering a variety of programs and services.


Canadian Coalition of Women in Engineering, Science, Trades and Technology.