While apprentices are paid wages at work and are often eligible to receive Employment Insurance benefits during technical training, extra financial support may be required. In addition to wages, there are grants, scholarships, and other financial supports available.

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Saskatchewan Apprenticeship and Trade Certification Commission and the Canadian International Training and Education Corporation

IMMSkills program is a skills assessment for internationally trained tradespeople who want to work in Saskatchewan.

Saskatchewan Indian Institute of Technologies

Trades program offered for Indigenous learners.

Saskatchewan Indian Training Assessment Group Inc. Saskatoon, Saskatchewan

Training and employment support is offered to Indigenous clients.

Saskatchewan Polytechnic

Trades programs for women are offered.

Saskatchewan Polytechnic

Trades program offered for Indigenous learners.

Saskatchewan Women in Trades and Technology

Mentorship program for women in trades and technology careers.

Saskatchewan Youth Apprenticeship

High school students may pursue trades training while also earning credits towards their high school diploma.

Sault College

Trades programming for women is offered.

Schools North Apprenticeship Program (SNAP)

SNAP provides students who are interested in skilled trades with a way to gain valuable work experience while also attending high school.

Selkirk College

Trades Discovery Program for Women.